Uniting and integrating Africa through peaceful, open and prosperous borders

Since African countries gained independence, the borders 鈥 which were drawn during the colonial period in a context of rivalries between European countries and their scramble for territories in Africa, have been a recurrent source of conflicts and disputes on the continent. Most of the borders are poorly defined. The location of strategic natural resources in cross-border areas poses additional challenges. The African Union Boundary Information System (AUBIS) has developed a comprehensive set of tools that provide reference information about borders in Africa

This challenge was taken up early enough by African leaders, who were inspired by the conviction that the achievement of greater unity and solidarity among African States and peoples requires the reduction of the burden that is imposed upon them by borders. Indeed, by transcending the borders as barriers and promoting them as bridges linking one State to another, Africa can boost the ongoing efforts to integrate the continent, strengthen its unity and promote peace, security and stability, through the structural prevention of conflicts.

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